MyLeft Metallic Pencil Sharpener - Left Handed
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MyLeft Metallic Pencil Sharpener - Left Handed

Metallic sharpener for left handed

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While using sharpeners, pencil needs to be in your dominant hand and the other hand needs to hold the sharpener. You need to rotate your hand (that is holding the pencil) away from your body while keeping the sharpener steady. No? You are doing it differently? Are you moving the sharpener in clockwise direction or rotating hand towards your body? (it’s uncomfortable, No?)

With Left handed sharpeners, you hold the pencil with left hand, sharpener in right hand, keep sharpener steady and rotate your left hand away from body (anti-clock wise, a natural wrist movement for left hander). 

This is specially developed sharpener as per natural left handed movement. You can hold sharpener in your right hand and sharp pencil with anticlock wise movement of left hand.


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